Time Cards


Time card refers to a record that tracks the working hours and activities of a field service engineers. Time cards are a crucial component of workforce management, providing detailed information about the time spent on various tasks, job assignments, and travel.


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Time Card IDAuto NumberAuto number
DateDateRequired-Date of the time card entry
TypePicklistRequired. Type of the time card(Job, Travel, Break)
DetailText Area(255)Time card entry detail
HoursNumber(16, 2)Required-Hours spent for the different types(Job, travel, break etc)
Is OOH?CheckboxTrue, if the time card timings falls out of office hours
Engineer RateFormulaEngineer rate for the job time card
Apply Engineer RateCheckboxTrue, if the service plan enabled with this option
JobLookupJob linked to the time card entry
Service EngineerLookupService engineer who logged the time card