Installed Systems


Systems that are already installed in your customer’s site. This will then be regularly monitored and service by you. These systems may or may not be installed by you. Based on theses systems your scheduled jobs will be done. Or any call out or training jobs also scheduled based on the available systems at customer location. Key details about the Installed systems are below.

  • System Name, Asset Number are required field.
  • Add installed system from the account record(related list)
  • You can install/remove existing product to the customer site and you can assign assert number, installed location and person who installed this product here.
Fig1: New Installed System Page

Installed System Page :

Field Label Data Type Description
System Name Reference Required. Name of the existing product.
Site Reference Required. Name of the customer site
Installed Date Date Date refers Installed/Removed date of the product.
Installed By Textarea Person who installed the product.
Installed Location String Location tells where it was installed.
Comments Textarea Comments of the product.
Status Picklist The status of the product, for example installed, removed.
Name String Unique number of the product. Label name is ‘Assert Number’.