Contact is a person’s who actually works at your customer location. He/she can be direct contact for your regular jobs, invoicing and any other communications. Multiple contacts can be added in each account. Account contains the personal information about each contact person.

  • Create new contact for the specific account by click ‘New Contact’ button in the Contacts.
  • Account Name, Email, Phone Number, Lead Source, Address.
  • You can also manually enter contact person DOB, Assistant, and Reports To.
Fig 1: New Contact Page

Contact Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
OwnerId Reference The ID of the owner of the account associated with this contact.
Phone Phone Telephone number for the contact. Label is Phone.
Name String Concatenation of FirstName, MiddleName, LastName, and Suffix. Maximum size is 121 characters
AccountId Reference ID of the account that is the parent of this contact.

We recommend that you only update up to 50 contacts simultaneously when changing the accounts on contacts enabled for a Customer Portal or partner portal. We also recommend that you make this update outside your organization’s business hours

HomePhone Phone Home telephone number for the contact.
MobilePhone Phone Contact’s mobile phone number
Title String Title of the contact such as CEO or Vice President.
OtherPhone Phone Telephone for alternate address
Department String The department of the contact.
Fax Phone Fax number for the contact. Label is Fax.
Birthdate Date The birthdate of the contact,The year portion of the Birthdate field is ignored in filter criteria, including report filters, list view filters, and SOQL queries.
Email Email Email address for the contact
ReportsToId Reference This field is not visible if IsPersonAccount is true.
AssistantName String The name of the assistant.
LeadSource Picklist The source of the lead.
AssistantPhone Phone The telephone number of the assistant.
MailingAddress Address The compound form of the mailing address. Read-only. See Address Compound Fields for details on compound address fields.
OtherAddress Address The compound form of the other address. Read-only. See Address Compound Fields for details on compound address fields.
Languages String The name of the language.
Level Picklist The level of the contact. For example, Secondary, Tertiary, Primary.
Description Textarea A description of the contact. Label is  Description.