An invoice is a document sent to your customer that specifies the amount and cost of products or services that have been provided by you at the time of visit. Invoice can be prepared by either the engineer or the office team after the work is completed. When you generate and invoice from the job sheet, you might need to fill in basic invoice details such as (date, due, status etc) and then all the invoice items will pull through automatically from the job sheet.

Example, if you have any parts that you have used while doing the job, then that will be invoiced in the invoice line items section. Also, if you go for call out job, then your call out charge based on the hours will be included in the invoice at the charges section(Standard call out charge, OOH call out charge). These callout charges can be defined at the service term.

  • By clicking ‘Generate Invoice’ button on the job sheet page you can create new invoice.
  • On clicking ‘Generate invoice button’, the job sheet and job name auto populates from jobsheet into new invoice and if you need billing address from site, you have to check true the “copy billing address from site”.
  • Invoice contains the information like job, Email id, Status, Due Date, Contact, job Sheet, Template, and Address.
Fig 1: New invoice page

Invoice Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Invoice No String Auto number. Name of the invoice.
Job Reference Required. Refers the name of the Job.
Email Id Email Confirmation request notification sent to the referred mail id.
Date Date Invoice prepared date.
Status Picklist Required. Refers the status of the invoice. for example In Review, Approved, Rejected, Sent to Customer, Paid.
Due Date Date Required. Date on or before the invoice needs to be paid by the customer.
Contact Reference Refers the name of the contact.
Job Sheet Reference Select template type like invoice template.
Total Amount Excl Tax Rollup Summary Denotes sum of the all line item unit prices.
Total Amount Formula Denotes sum of the all line item unit prices and other charges.
Total Tax Rollup Summary Denotes sum of the all line item taxes.
Total Taxs Formula Denotes sum of the all line item taxes and other charges.
Shipping Handling Currency Denotes shipping charges for the invoice.
Grand Total Formula Denotes sum of total amount charges, total taxes and shipping charges.
Amount Due Formula Denotes the balance amount from subtract paid amount and total amount.
Site Reference Refers the name of the site.
Copy Billing Address from Site Checkbox Checked only if you want to add billing address from site.
Street String Refers the name of the site street.
City String Refers the name of the site city.
State String Refers the name of the site state.
Postal Code String Refers the name of the site postal code.
Include Service Terms & Conditions String Denotes conditions for invoice.