An invoice is a document dispatched to your customer, detailing the quantity and cost of products or services rendered by your company during a specific visit. The invoice can be generated by either the engineer on-site or by the office team after the completion of the work.

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Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Invoice No Auto Number Unique number for invoice
Customer Lookup Required – Customer whom the invoice is raised
Job No Lookup Required. Job number for which the invoice is created
Contact Lookup Contact person from customer company
Copy Billing Address from Site Checkbox Checkbox to pull through the billing address from the customer automatically
Location Lookup Customer location
Status Picklist Required – Current status of the invoice
Date Date Date invoice raised
PO Number Text Customer PO number, if any
Terms Picklist Payment terms to collect the payment
Due Date Date Required – Invoice due date
Street Text Area(255) Customer street
City Text(25) Customer city
State Text(25) Customer state
Postal Code Text(50) Customer postal code
Country Text(255) Customer Country
Taxes Formula (Currency) Total taxes of all items
Grand Total Formula (Currency) Total without tax
Payment Received Roll-Up Summary (SUM Payment) Total paid
Amount Due Formula (Currency) Amount that is due with taxes
Notes Long Text Area(32768) Special notes to customer