Job Items


Job Item refers to a specific line entry associated with a job. It is a detailed record that outlines a particular task, service, or activity that needs to be performed as part of the overall job.


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Job Item NumberAuto NumberAuto number of the job item
JobLookup(Job)Parent record of the job item
ProductLookupProduct(Equipment) name that is linked to the job for repair/service
QuantityNumber(10, 2)Required. No of products linked to the job
List PriceCurrencyList price of the product as per the pricebook associated with the job
Unit PriceCurrencyRequired. Sales price of the product
DiscountPercent(5, 2)Discount % applied for the job item
Discount AmountFormula(Currency)Discount value
Total PriceFormula(Currency)Total price with discount
Sub TotalFormula(Currency)Total price after discount
Tax (%)Percent(5, 2)Tax % applied to the job item
Tax ValueFormula(Currency)Tax value
BillableCheckboxTrue, if the job item need to be invoiced
SystemLookup(Installed System)Equipment/Product that is installed on customer place which needs service/repair
Engineer CommentsText Area(255)Engineer comments after the service/repair is completed for each job item