Inventory encompasses the assortment of parts, materials, or products that a company possesses and maintains for utilization in its field service operations. This stockpile serves as the essential reservoir from which the company draws the necessary items to carry out tasks and fulfill service obligations in the field. The effective management of inventory ensures that the company is well-equipped with the required resources, preventing shortages and facilitating the seamless execution of field service activities


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Inventory IDAuto NumberUnique number for the inventory record
PartLookup(Product)Required. Product that is associated with the inventory record
Type of MeasurePicklistRequired. Inventory measurement type(unit, ltrs, boxes etc)
Serial NumberText(255)Serial number of the product if it is serialized product
Replaced ByText(255)Inventory number which replaced on site
SerializedFormula(Checkbox)Automatically set to true, if the product has serial number
Return Required?CheckboxTrue, if the replaced item should be returned to stock service engineer trunk stock location
LocationLookup(Location)Warehouse or vehicle location where the inventory is stored
ReservedFormula(Number)Number of quantities reserved for any product transfer
Quantity In HandNumber(16,2)Actual stock in hand at the specified location
ZonePicklistPhysical location of the inventory in a particular stock location
Storage SectionPicklistPhysical location of the inventory in a particular zone
RowPicklistPhysical location of the inventory in a particular storage section
Storage binPicklistPhysical location of the inventory in a particular row