Job Type


Job types are useful to tell your engineer as to what should be done on the site.  Basically what type of work that an engineer suppose to perform on the site for the mentioned systems. Each job type is associated with the setup of required parts, required skills, required actitivities and inspection steps. Job types are normally setup one time and will be used further for any jobs.

To setup new job type, follow the below steps.

  • Click ‘New’ button on the ‘Job Type’ tab.
  • Here you can create product parts, inspection details, activity and job skills are also available from job type. (See the Figure -1).
  • You can also set Job Name, System Name (product) and Certificate pdf files properties here.
  • You can dynamically changes pdf format for the job sheet by changing the values on Certificate configuration related list section.
Fig1: Test job type page
  • Certificate configuration section contains information likes that certificate tile, certificate footer, certificate logo, logo width and height, certificate header color, certificate background color, table header color, table background color.
  • You should define product parts, skills, inspections needed for this job type. So you can search service engineer who are suited for this job type. After you can create job sheet for this job type.
  • You can select job types on the job, and click save it will notify warning for this job type is suited for the selected service engineer or not on top of the job.

Job Type Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Name String Required. Name of the Job type.
System Name Reference Required. Refers product name.
Certificate Title String Specifies certificate title in the pdf preview.
Certificate Logo Url Specifies url of the logo in the pdf preview.
Certificate Footer String Specifies certificate footer in the pdf preview.
Logo width String Specifies logo width in the pdf preview.
Table Header Color String Specifies table header of the certificate pdf preview.
Logo Height String Specifies logo height in the pdf preview.
Table Background Color String Specifies table background color in the pdf preview.
Certificate Header Color String


Specifies certificate header color in the pdf preview
Certificate Background Color String


Specifies Certificate background color in the pdf preview.

Required Parts:

  • Click ‘New Required Part’ button on the required parts related list section.
  • It contains the field likes that product name, part of the product name, default quantity, job type.
  • Required parts section to specify the urgent parts needed to this job type.


  • Click ‘New Inspection’ button on the Inspections section related list.
  • The Inspection section to examine the products.


  • Click ‘New Activity’ button on the Activity section related list.
  • You can create new activity for the job type. So you can track state of being action.

Required Skills:

  • Click ‘New Required Skill’ button on the Required Skills section related list.
  • The Required Skills section is to notify what kinds of capabilities are needed for the job.