Jobs are used to track work orders for each engineer in your organization, assigned to specific sites. Whenever you receive a call from a customer for a callout or service, you create a job and assign it to an engineer to complete.

Jobs track product fixing, repair, and replacement. You can create new jobs by clicking the “Schedule Job” button on the service plan or by scheduling a job from a Case (support agent log).

Key fields in the job object include previous job, next job, job urgency, latitude and longitude, status, booking status, confirmation requested by, service engineer travel duration, start and end time, and message to engineer.

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Field Label Data Type Description
Job No Auto Number Unique job number for a job
Customer Master-Detail Required. Customer lookup for the job scheduled
Site Contact Lookup Contact person from the customer
Job Category Picklist Required – Category of the job(Installation, Service/Maintenance, Callout)
Job Type Lookup Type of the job to define the required parts, checklist etc
Urgency Picklist Required – Urgency of the job(Normal, Medium, High)
Status Picklist Required – Current status of the job
Cancelled Reason Text Area(255) Reason for the job cancellation
Region Lookup Region of the job
Service Plan Lookup Service plan linked to the job
Estimate Lookup Estimate number of the job, if the job is scheduled from estimate
Price Book Lookup Pricebook associated with the job for the job items and consumed parts pricing
Location Lookup Customer location
Previous Job Lookup Previous job number from which the current job is auto scheduled based on the service plan schedule
Next Job Lookup Next scheduled job number from the current job based on the service plan schedule
Job Description Text Area(255) Description of the job that needs to be carried out by engineer
Job Detail Rich Text Area(32768) Detail of the job that needs to be carried out by engineer
Message To Engineer Text Area(255) Message that needs to be notified to assigned engineer when he/she look at the job
Planned Job Date Time Date/Time Required – Date when that job is originally planned
Start Date Time Date/Time Actual job started date and time
End Date Time Date/Time Actual job completed date and time
Engineer Completion Notes Long Text Area(32768) Engineer final notes to the customer about the job completion