Job is a track your work order for each engineer in your orgnization respective to the site. Anytime, you get a call from customer for call out or service, you will log a job and assign the engineer to acomplish the work.

  • Product Fixing, repair and replacement are maintained by the Jobs.
  • Create new jobs by clicking ‘Schedule Job’ button on the service term or you can schedule job from Case(Support agent log)
  • Previous Job, Next job, Job urgency, Latitude and Longitude, Current Location, Status, Booking Status, Confirmation Requested by, Service Engineer travel duration, start and end time, Message to engineer are the key fields in job object
Fig 1: New Job page


Field Label Data Type Description
Job Catagory Picklist Auto populated. Specifies the type of the job. For example Service, Reactive, Call Out, Training.
Job No String Auto number. Name for the job.
Urgency Picklist Specifies the job’s critical situation. For example, Normal, Urgent, Critical.
Follow Schedule Checkbox Check if the next job has to be scheduled automatically based on the service term.
Job Complete Formula(return checkbox) Checked if completion date reaches or exceeds.
Source Case Reference Refers source case details.
Latitude Formula Latitude value of the service engineer’s job place.
Longitude Formula Longitude value of the service engineer’s job place.
Current Location String Service Engineer’s current Job area.
Status Picklist Required. Specifies status of the job. For example, Queued, Pending Allocation, Pending Dispatch, Ready, Dispatched, En Route, On Site, In Progress, Completed, Cancelled.
Cancelled Reason String Denotes job cancelled reasons.
Service Term Reference Required. Refers name of the Service Term.
Previous Job Reference Refers previous job for service engineer.
Next Job Reference Refers next job for service engineer.
Confirmation Requested By Reference Refers the user who confirms job.
Customer Reference Refers to customer’s account name of the site.
Site Reference Refers site name.
Site Address Formula Refers site address.
Region Reference Refers Region name.
Contact Email Email Email address of the site.
Booking Status Picklist Specifies Booking status of the job (Record the call or email with customer). For example Open, Waiting for Response, Booked, On Hold, Not Booked.
Booking Notes String Specifies booking information from the customer.
Planned Job Date Time


Date/time Specifies planned date with time of the job.
Start Date Time Date/time Specifies actual job start date with time of the job.
Completion Date Time Date/time Specifies job completion date with time of the job.
Travel Time Integer Specifies travel time for service engineer to reach site.


Job Duration Integer Specifies the time taken for the service engineer to complete the job.
Service Engineer Reference Refers the name of the service engineer.
Additional Service Engineer Reference Refers the name of the additional service engineer.
Message To Engineer Picklist Specifies Job acceptance. For example yes, no.
Accepted Date date Enter the date if the job is accepted .
Accepted Picklist Specifies Job acceptance. For example, yes, no.