Products are the individual items or systems that you use in your job or sell to customers.

  1. Click ‘New’ button on ‘Product’ Object.
  2. Please enter Product Name, Code, Cost, Description, Active, and Product Family.
  3. Click ‘Save’ button, so you can store product without standard price. You can set standard price later by click ‘Add’ button on the below (See Figure – 1).
Fig 1 :- Product edit page
Fig 2: Product Detail Page


Product Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Name String Required. Default name of this record. Label is Product Name.
ProductCode String Default product code for this record. Your org defines the product code naming pattern.
Cost Currency Cost of the product
IsActive Boolean Indicates whether this record is active (true) or not (false). Inactive Product2 records are hidden in many areas in the user interface. You can change the IsActive flag on a Product2 object whenever necessary. Label is Active.
Family Picklist Name of the product family associated with this record. Product families are configured as picklists in the user interface. To obtain a list of valid values, call describeSObjects() and process the DescribeSObjectResult for the values associated with the Family field. Label is Product Family.
Description Textarea A text description of this record. Label is Product Description.