The company has identified a set of training sessions that it intends to offer its service engineers. These training sessions are designed to equip the engineers with the necessary skills, knowledge, and expertise required for their roles. The training topics cover a range of areas, including product knowledge, technical skills, safety and compliance, customer service, troubleshooting, and familiarity with new technologies. The goal is to ensure that the service engineers are well-prepared, continually updated, and proficient in delivering high-quality services to meet the company’s standards and the expectations of its clients.


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Training NameText(80)Required. Name of the training
Training CodeText(20)Unique code for the training
Other DetailText(50)Detail of the training
TypePicklistTraining type
Total Trained ProfessionalsRoll-Up SummaryTotal engineers assigned to the training
ActivePicklistRequired-Training active status