Return Order


FieldAx presents a practical functionality allowing technicians to initiate return orders directly from the field for replaced items. This feature streamlines the return process, ensuring that replaced parts or equipment are managed and returned to your inventory with efficiency. The seamless handling of return orders by field technicians through FieldAx contributes to an overall enhancement in the efficiency of your operational processes.


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Return Order NumberAuto NumberUnique return order number
JobLookup(Job)Job linked to the return order
Source LocationLookup(Location)Source stock location from where the product inventory need to be deducted from
Ship From AddressText Area(255)Physical address of the inventory to be transferred from
Shipment TypePicklistType of the shipment
OwnerLookup(User, Group)Owner of the return order
StatusPicklistStatus of the return order
Expected Arrival DateDateDate when the inventories are expected to return to specific location
CustomerLookup(Account)Account associated with the return order