Consumed Parts


These are items or components that are used or consumed as part of a job, and they are sourced from the trunk location of service engineers. In other words, these are materials or parts that the service engineers carry with them in their vehicles (trunks) and use on-site when performing tasks or jobs.


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Sl NoAuto NumberAuto number of the consumed parts
JobMaster-Detail(Job)Job for which the product is consumed
InventoryMaster-Detail(Inventory)Inventory record from which the consumption happened
Product NameFormula (Text)Name of the product which is consumed
Serial NumberFormula (Text)Serial number of the product, if it is serialized
QtyNumber(16,2)No of products consumed for the job
Job ItemLookup(Job Item)Job item linked to the consumed products
Unit PriceCurrency (16, 2)Price of the consumed product as per the pricebook associated in the job
TotalFormula (Number)Total value of the consumed product(Unit Price * Qty)
BillableCheckboxTrue, if the product need to be invoiced
Replaced ItemText (255)Defective item serial number which is replaced by the consumed part