Dispatch Board


  • Dispatch Board helps us to track list of jobs and the jobs assigned to service engineer.
  • Click the ‘Dispatch Board’ tab to track the Technician’s Job area.
  • Using drag and drop method you can assign the unassigned job to the available technicians on the right side.
Fig 1:-
  • All jobs are displayed here.
  • Clicking the left and right arrow button, you can go one day before and after successively.
  • To display date, click button on the left side (refer – 2 point).
  • By default it is set as daily format. On clicking month or week or daily the technician timing allocation will be changed automatically.
Fig 2:-

Fig 3:-

Fig 4:-


  • To display job status denoted by different colors, move cursor on the Legend link.
Fig 5:-
  • Technician name displays with image.
  • You can track the service engineer’s Job places through map when you click ‘Map’ button.
Fig 6:-
  • Click service engineer image, it will popup service engineer’s details (see the Figure -1).
Fig 7:-