The Assignment object in FieldAx serves as a bridge between jobs and service engineers, offering a detailed snapshot of crucial information related to each job assignment. This functionality enhances the management and tracking of field service operations.

Fig 1:


Field LabelData TypeDescription
Assignment NoAuto NumberUnique assignment number
JobLookupRequired. Job number for which the assignment is created
Service EngineerLookupRequired. Service engineer lookup who is assigned to the job
CustomerFormula (Text)Customer name whom the job is scheduled
Job TypeFormula (Text)Job Type to of the job
Scheduled StartDate/TimeRequired – Assignment original scheduled start date and time
Scheduled EndDate/TimeRequired – Assignment original scheduled end date and time
RegionLookupRegion of the job is assigned with
StatusPicklistRequired. Status of the assignment
Accepted DateDateService engineer job accepted date
ReasonText Area(255)Rejected reason by service engineer
OwnerLookup(User, Group)Owner of the assignment(Salesforce user)