Service Engineer


Fieldax maintains the 360 degree view of your Service Engineer’s details and show it anytime anywhere. Service engineer is the person who visits the site. He/she can be your own employee or a contractor who works for you.

To setup new service engineer profile

  • Click the ‘Service Engineer’ tab and click ‘New’ button to create new service engineer.
  • You can enter the
  • Here service engineer skills, availability, training are updated. So easily track service engineer’s up to date information.
  • Service engineer object contains details like Name, Engineer id, Joined Date, Salesforce User, Active, Is Contract, Hourly Rate, Email, Phone Number and Address.
Fig 1: Service engineer page


Service Engineer Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Name String Required. First Name of the Service Engineer.
Last Name String Last Name of the Service Engineer
Full Name String Concatenate First and Last Name of the Service Engineer.
Region Reference Region of the service Engineer
Active__c Picklist Specifies the Service Engineer availability
Work Calendar Reference Required. Refers the Service engineer working days.
Is Contractor Checkbox Tells whether the Service engineer is contractor or not.
Engineer ID String Refers id of the Service Engineer.
Recent Job Reference The Job which engineer attended most recently.
Hourly Rate Currency Hour rate for the service engineer.
Phone Phone Phone number for this account. Maximum size is 40 characters.
Joined Date Date Service engineer joining date.
Salesforce User Reference Specify the Salesforce user for the service engineer.
Email Email Email address for the contact


Setup User profile

After you setup engineer record, you may need to setup login access for your engineers. Follow the below steps and setup the login for each engineer.

  • Goto setup
  • Click manage users
  • Click new user and provide the respective details and save

Access to fieldAx

After the profile setup is done, you may want to give access for your engineers to use fieldAx. So, you can give access by following the below steps.

  • Make sure you have sufficient license bought from Merfantz for FieldAx
  • Goto Setup and installed packages
  • Click FieldAx
  • Click Manage Licenses
  • Click Add User and choose the respective engineer profile and click save

You can also set below information in the service engineer related list.

Skill Set:

  • You can assign skill to service engineer. Once you assign skill to service engineer, you cannot edit the skill and service engineer name. Only you can edit rating for this skill.
  • Click ‘New Skill Set’ button on skill set related list.
  • Technician name automatically gets populated.
  • It contains technician name, skill and rating for the technician.

Training history:

  • Include the details about which type of training assigned to service engineer and its status
  • Click ‘New Training History’ button and enter training name, service engineer, status, start and end state of training, score and feedback of the training.

Engineer unavailable periods:

  • Click ‘New Engineer Unavailable Period’ button on Engineer Unavailable Periods section.
  • You can track service engineer unavailable time on site.
  • Here you can set technician unavailable days to visit the site. It contains technician name (auto populated), status, start and end date for technician unavailable.
  • Service engineer request to be approved by clicking the below button (see the Figure -1). Once approved you cannot reject it.
Fig 1:- Engineer unavailable periods page

New Holiday and Timeoff:

  • Click ‘New Holiday and Timeoff’ button on New Holiday and Timeoff section.
  • You can specify technician requesting time for the day.
  • It contains technician start and end time, status.
  • Technicians timeoff period can be shown on the dispatcher board
  • You can also Allow Assignments during his timeoff period based upon the settings

Time cards :

  • Click ‘New Time Card’ button on Time cards section.
  • You can specify technician name (automatically populated), status, visit, date and technician working and breaking hours.
  • You can track engineer who is spending the day on site visit with break/lunch hours taken.

Assigned Equipment :

To assign equipment to service engineer

  • Click ‘New’ button on Equipment’s Assigned section.
  • You can specify equipment name (parent name), technician name, equipment id, assigned date, status, comments.
  • You can track service engineer’s equipment details like loss, damaged, returned.
  • Service Engineer name auto populated on service engineer field.
  • You can track the assigned equipment on the equipment object.

Vehicle :

  • Click ‘New’ button on Vehicles Mapped related list section.
  • You can track the information of  Service Engineer’s vehicle used.
  • Vehicle contains information like Vehicle number, type of vehicle, model, Engine number, Manufacture, year, Color, brief details, is certified, first registration date, Last FC code, Certified Date, Number of seats, Tyre weights, Special permit codes, A/C fitted, CC rating.