The Account object serves as a valuable tool for maintaining comprehensive information about customer profiles and contact details.

An Account encompasses details pertaining to both companies and individuals. Business Accounts specifically store information related to companies. Considering that a single company may have various sites where regular services and system installations are provided, the Account feature facilitates the creation of multiple Sites under a Customer Account. To examine the hierarchy, you can click on “view account hierarchy.

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Field Label Data Type Description
Account String Required. Label is Account Name. Name of the account. Maximum size is 255 characters. If the account has a record type of Person Account: This value is the concatenation of the FirstName, Middle Name, Last Name, and Suffix of the associated person contact.
Rating Pick list Set account’s rating, for Example Hot, Warm, or Cold.
Phone Phone Phone number for this account.
Fax Phone Fax number for the account.
Account Number Text Account number assigned to this account (not the unique).
Website URL The website of this account.
Type Pick list Type of the account, for example how it is referred to.
Industry Pick list An industry associated with this account. Maximum size is 40 characters.
Annual Revenue Currency Estimated annual revenue of the account
Billing Address Address The compound form of the billing address. Read-only. See Address Compound Fields for details on compound address fields.
Shipping Address Address The compound form of the shipping address. Read-only. See Address Compound Fields for details on compound address fields.
SIC Code String Standard Industrial Classification code of the company’s main business categorization, Maximum of 20 characters
Parent Account Reference Account of the Parent Company, if any.
Description Text area Text description of the account. Limited to 32,000 KB.
Region Reference ID of the Region(Area)