Pricebook defines the price list for set of products. You can have multiple price book for an organization and be used in various service terms.

  • Product can exist in multiple Price Books, for every different price on offer to a customer.
  • Click ‘New’ button on the Price Books object, to create new price book.
  • Price book entry is to associate the product with price book.
Fig 1:-
  • Add to Price Book’ button only visible on the related list when the price book entry is added otherwise not displayed on the product related list as Price Books.
  • You can assign product to different existing price books by clicking ‘Add to Price Book’ button on the Product related list.
Fig 2 :-
  • Select price book where you want to include the above product .
  • After clicking ‘Select’ button the below window will open (See Figure – 3) then enter list price for the each product in the price book.
Fig 3:-
  • If you need to use standard price rate for the above product on the price book please check ‘Use Standard Price’ as true on the above figure (See Figure – 3).
  • Click ‘Save’ button, the selected price book will include the above products with price rate.
  • The above fields are included in Product 2 Object.