A Pricebook establishes the pricing information for a specific set of products. An organization can have multiple price books, each applicable to different service terms.

Products have the flexibility to exist in multiple Price Books, allowing for distinct pricing options offered to customers. To create a new price book, click the ‘New’ button on the Price Books object. Additionally, a Price Book Entry is utilized to link a product with a specific price book.

Fig 1:-
  • Add to Price Book’ button only visible on the related list when the price book entry is added otherwise not displayed on the product related list as Price Books.
  • You can assign product to different existing price books by clicking ‘Add to Price Book’ button on the Product related list.
Fig 2 :-
  • Select price book where you want to include the above product .
  • After clicking ‘Select’ button the below window will open (See Figure – 3) then enter list price for the each product in the price book.
Fig 3:-
  • If you need to use standard price rate for the above product on the price book please check ‘Use Standard Price’ as true on the above figure (See Figure – 3).
  • Click ‘Save’ button, the selected price book will include the above products with price rate.
  • The above fields are included in Product 2 Object.


Field Label Data Type Description
Price Book Name Text(255) Required

Name of the pricebook

Description Text(255) Pricebook description
Active Checkbox Pricebook active status
Is Standard Price Book Checkbox