Job Sheet


Job sheet is the final report provided by the engineer after the work. Job sheet is associated with unique job type. So, each job sheet has key sections like below.

  • Parts used
  • Systems covered
  • Activities performed(Optional)
  • Inspections carried(Optional)

Once the engineer completes that job and recorded all the above details, he/she can get the confirmation from the customer using e-signature mode. Also they can take photos of the systems before and after the work, so that the office team would keep track of the entire job report just by sitting in the office.

Below are the key fields that an engineer has to fill in job sheet.

  • Job Type, Job start and End Time are required fields.
  • Create new ‘Job Sheet’ by clicking ‘Generate Job Sheet’ button on the Job related list section called job sheets.
  • You can anytime create, edit used parts, inspection details and activity details.
Fig 1: new opportunity page


Job Sheet Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Name String Auto number. Name of the job sheet.
Job Type Reference Required. Refers the name of the job type.
Job Reference Required. Refers the name of the Job.
Send Report Email Email Jobsheet pdf file is sent to this email id, when jobsheet will be closed.
Street Formula Street name comes from related site.
Pincode Formula Pincode number comes from related site.
Job Start Time Date/time When this job actually started.
Job End Time Date/time Refers the end time of the job.
Job Description String Detail of the work that engineer did on site
Engineer Completion Notes String After the Job is completed, engineer may provide the information of the overall job done during this Job.
Duration Formula Total number of days, hours spent on this Job.
Mark Job as Closed Picklist Set the Job as closed. For example yes, no.
Site Address Formula Comes from Job site address.
Site Reference Required. Refers Site name.
Customer Formula Comes from site parent name.
Congestion Charge Currency Denotes the congestion charge for this job.
Parking Charge Currency Denotes the parking charge for this job.
Customer Name String Denotes the Customer name.
Customer Signature String Denotes the Customer Signature area.
Engineer Name String Denotes the Engineer name.
Engineer Signature String Denotes the Engineer Signature area.
Service Term Contact Reference Required. Refers the Service Term name.