• Setup config option

The template for invoice job sheet,job status can we configured by setting of config which can be used to send email when proposed work is created. This acts as a junction object.

  • Setup Products and pricing

Products are the individual items or systems that you use in your job or sell to customers.
Pricebook defines the price list for set of products. You can have multiple price book for an organization and be used in various service terms.Price Book Entry is the combination of the Product and Price together.

  • Setup Job Types

Job types are useful to tell your engineer as to what should be done on the site.  Basically what type of work that an engineer suppose to perform on the site for the mentioned systems. Each job type is associated with the setup of required parts, required skills, required activities and inspection steps. Job types are normally setup one time and will be used further for any jobs.

  • Setup Job Skills

Job is a track your work order for each engineer in your organization respective to the site. Anytime, you get a call from customer for call out or service, you will log a job and assign the engineer to accomplish the work.

Job activity is associated with job type. So, when the engineer goes to the site for the work, he/she suppose to perform standard activities for the selected job type.

Job sheet is the final report provided by the engineer after the work. Job sheet is associated with unique job type

  • Setup Work Calendars

Work calendars are the shift timings for your organization. You can create ‘Working Calendars’ assign to your service engineers. This is very useful for the scheduling team to understand whether the engineer is available for this job or not.

  • Setup Vehicles

The vehicle is a central object in the Vehicle Management System. Vehicle searches and actions for the business processes involved always relate to at least one vehicle. its allows you manage vehicle management,This acts as a junction object.

  • Setup equipment’s

This is allows you easy to manage the your assets and equipment’s with corresponding information including product information. it’s using ease to generate a invoice and billing.This acts as a junction object.

  • Setup Engineer profiles

Fieldax maintains the 360 degree view of your Service Engineer’s details and show it anytime anywhere. Service engineer is the person who visits the site. Skills are type of knowledge that requires for an engineer to accomplish the work. So, we can setup all the required skills for all type of your jobs and map with respective job types. This will be very useful to show you when you assign the engineer to job