Install the managed packages to get things rolling. FieldAx is composed of managed package:

Install the package from Appexchange

  • Click the installation link you received. In the first installation screen,
Fig 1:-
  • Click ​Install​(Choose any one option) to kick off the installation process. If it takes longer than expected, you can opt to be notified by an email when the installation gets complete.

Assign license

Once the package installation done, assign the package to the users. Goto Installed packages section in the setup and click Manage licenses of FieldAx package. Make sure you have correct number of licenses alotted.

Now click add user and assign whom you wish to provide access to FieldAx and click save.

Assign Permission set

For all the users whom you provided license to access fieldax, you must assing them with the required permission setup to access products and pricing options.

Goto to respective user’s record and click add permission set and choose ‘Order Permission set’ and save it