Invoice and Job Sheet Templates


Templates help us to implement different styles for your invoice and job sheets that you would be sending to your customer after the work. These styles are applied within the standard structure.

  • Create new template by selecting the specific record type (invoice /Job sheet) and store in a specific folder.
  • Select any one record type (See the Figure – 1).

NOTE: Each job type has its own style that overrides this default job sheet style

Fig 1:-
  • Figure – 2 is sample invoice template page and figure – 3 is sample job sheet templates.
Fig 2:  Sample job sheet template
Fig 3: Sample invoice template page
  • You can store the information like template name, template background color, table background color, logo url, logo width and height, template folder, Active, header color, table header color, footer.
  • ‘Jobsheet Template Folder’ field displays on JobSheet template, ‘Invoice Template Folder’ displays on Invoice template.
  • Click ‘Save’ button to store template designing structure.
  • Click ‘Preview’ button to preview the pdf template.