Web-to-Case HTML Generator


Generate HTML code that your webmaster can insert into your company’s website to capture cases in a Web form. Whenever someone submits information on any of those Web pages, a case will be created.

NOTE: This feature is available for Enterprise edition only.

Fig 1:-Web-to-Case HTML Generator
  • From Setup, enter Web-to-Case HTML Generator in the Quick Find box, then select Web-to-Case HTML Generator.
  • Use the Add and Remove arrows to move fields between the Available Fields list and the Selected Fields list to select the fields to include in your Web-to-Case form. Use the Up and Down arrows to change the order of the fields on your form. For organizations using multiple currencies, add the Case Currency field to the HTML if you add any other currency amount fields, otherwise all amounts will be captured in your corporate currency. For organizations using record types on cases, select the Case Record Type field if you want users submitting Web-generated cases to select specific record types.
  • If your organization uses the Self-Service portal or the Customer Portal and you want Web-generated cases to be visible to users in these portals, select Visible in Self-Service Portal.
  • Specify the complete URL to which customers should be directed after they submit their information. For example, the URL can be for a “thank you” page or your company’s home page.
  • If your organization uses the Translation Workbench or has renamed tabs, select the language for the form labels displayed on your Web-to-Case form. The source of your Web-to-Case form is always in your personal language.
  • Click Generate.
  • Copy the generated HTML code and provide it to your company’s webmaster so he or she can incorporate it into your website.
  • Click Finished.

Case Assignment Rules:

  • Using ‘Case Assignment Rule’, you can assign case to salesforce user when the case is raised with condition based on this rule.
  • From Setup, enter Case Assignment Rule in the Quick Find box, and then create new rule and set assigned to salesforce user.

Case Auto Response Rules:

  • Whenever the cases raises, an auto mail is sent to customer.
  • From Setup, enter Case Auto-Response Rule in the Quick Find box, and then create new rule and set default template to be sent to salesforce user.
Fig 2: Auto response rules page