Job Activity


Job activity is associated with job type. So, when the engineer goes to the site for the work, he/she suppose to perform standard activities for the selected job type. To make sure they follow these steps, we can configure this and show this to engineer for each time. They will then do the acitivity and log their comments on each activity. This is again optional and may not be configured.

  • Job Status and Name are Required Field.
  • Click ‘New Activity’ button on the Activity section related list.
  • You can create new activity for the job type. So you can track state of being of the action.
Fig: New job activity page


Job Activity Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Name String Name of the job Activity.
Job Sheet Reference Required. Refers the name of the job sheet.
Order Picklist Gives the Order value
Status Picklist Job activity Status like Open, Completed and skipped
Comments String Comments about inspection.