Inspection Step


Inspection item is associated with job type. So, when the engineer goes to the site for hte work, he/she suppose to follow default inspection steps for the selected job type. To make sure they follow what have to be inspected, we can configure this and show this to engineer for each time. They can perform the inspection and record their actions upon completion.

To manage your inspection steps, you can click on ‘Edit All’ on the job sheet inspection area and record your results like passed/Failed.

  • Click ‘New Inspection’ button on the Inspections section related list.
  • The Inspection section examines the products.
Fig1: New inspection item page


Inspection Item Field :

Field Label Data Type Description
Name String Name of the job sheet.
Job Sheet Reference Required. Refers the name of the job sheet.
Passed Integer Enter the number.
Failed Integer Enter the number.
Comments String Comment about the inspection.