Payment refers to the management of payment transaction details for each invoice like credit/debit card and Net Banking.

NOTE: Online gateway configuration for paypal, stripe and is available for Enterprise edition user. Contact FieldAx support for the same.

  • Required fields are Amount Paid, Payment Date and Type.
  • If you need to specify payment details, click ‘New payment’ button .
  • You can store the information on payment like invoice number, paid amount, status of the payment, type (credit/debit), paid by.
  • So you can track amount paid by whom, pending amount need to be paid, paid amount.
Fig 1 :- New payment page


Payment Fields :

Field Label Data Type Description
Amount Paid Currency(10, 2) Total amount of product
Comments Text Area(255) Payment Comments
Invoice Master-Detail(Invoice) Invoice Number
Paid By Text(100) Value of Paid amount
Payment Date Date Payment date
Status Picklist Payment Status Like Pay (or ) Pending
Type Picklist Payment Status like Debit/Credit